Short-Term Missions

At River Ridge Church, we want to be a church that gives ourselves away. We believe that going deep in a few places is the most effective way to be a part of God’s mission to go to all the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ. Through short-term mission trips, we not only advance the gospel, but we build relationships that last a lifetime in Kenya, Moldova, and Haiti. Throughout the year, River Ridge organizes short-term trips to visit our global ministry partners and aid in the work they are doing locally. These trips are 1–2 weeks in length and vary in their goals and the team members sought. Consider joining one of these teams. Learn more for each opportunity below.


Moldova is a landlocked state in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. River Ridge has been going to Moldova since 2007 and is partnered with local pastors to support their ministry and church. The majority of the trip is spent at a family camp where families from around the country attend to learn discipleship and church planting, traditional and house churches. This is an amazing mission opportunity to experience a different culture and help encourage and strengthen new church leaders and their families.


The mission trip to Kenya will have three parts. Part one is helping to run a Young Life retreat for students in Nairobi. Young Life is a global evangelistic organization to reach high school aged kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Part two is working with an orphanage in Nairobi. Part three is serving as the work crew for a Young Life outreach camp in Mombasa. There will also be a day set aside for you to take a safari where you may see lions, zebras, gazelles, hippopotamus and other great animals. You will camp in a tent for two nights on the Young Life retreat and stay in hotels the remainder of the nights. Fore more information about Young life, click here.


Haiti is our newest partner in global missions. With successful trips in the last 2 years serving in both medical and service related missions, these trips have been life-changing and very diverse in how they utilize the people who go. Mainly, your trip to Haiti will consist of ministering at an orphanage and a Christian school, assisting in light construction and serving the local church ministry.

“My heart was broken, my eyes shed tears, my arms held babies and hugged children, new friendships and relationships were built, and the Lord changed my life forever.  The Haitians are very strong in their faith even with the many obstacles they face – they truly DEPEND on God for EVERYTHING!  I went with this idea that I would be going to help THEM, but I was the one who was helped most. There is not a day that goes by for me that I don’t see a beautiful Haitian smile in my mind and thank the Lord  for stirring my soul and convicting my heart to spread the Haitian lifestyle with others in order to help my friends there.”

photoUPCOMING TRIP: We will partner with Young Life Haiti, a ministry on the ground directed by Haitians, to come alongside and support them in their efforts to improve their country and share Christ with others. Established in 1999, Young Life staff and leaders reach out to nearly 7000 young people across the country each year, investing in student’s lives and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal as a team will be to work together in partnership with the Haiti staff to develop a plan to make the best use of our gifts, talents and resources to meet a current need in Haiti. This may look like a construction project, a community development project, a skill training project, etc.  We need all types of people and trust the Lord to put together just the right team. Please join us for an incredible ministry experience.